“In Moonlight”

This work in progress is an adult M/M nsfw(18+) visual novel with anthropomorphic/furry characters except the player/main character.

Main character is pulled through a portal into an alternate universe/world where beastfolk survived and humans did not. Found by a wolf-man, he goes to the police station to register for citizenship. There are handful of humans that arrive this way every year so there is a process to integrate them into society. Over the first few days the main character meets several possible love interests and chooses who to go out with. After three different interactions, the player chooses the route to follow.

Five routes planned with choices that affect the ending. Each route is going to be approximately thirty game days. Several early exits for bad choices. Planning for bad, good, and best endings with the best ending getting a bonus epilogue.

Story is more sci-fi based with information given to the player/main character talking to other characters. Four of the five routes have up to day 10 complete.

Wrote the into to the VN when first thinking about the project. Read it here.


Zayn (player, name changeable) – 22yr old human college student, on summer break before senior years. Six feet tall, started swimming and weights once at college.

Ian Ariti – Siberian tiger, 25yr old medical doctor doing his residency. Six foot seven, very muscular build, outgoing and friendly, likes riding on his electric motorcycle and hiking.

Jacob Evens – Timber wolf, 22yr old college student, on summer break before senior year studying computer programming. Six foot six, very muscular build, friendly, likes the outdoors, camping and hiking.

Nick Taylor – Grey & Red kangaroo, 24yr old business and finance major just out of school, helping his uncle run the apartment building for the summer. Six foot eight, muscular build, outgoing and friendly, tends to be forward. Likes being outside and walking the parks or hiking.

Cameron Arrez – Black leopard, 25yr old psychiatrist doing his residency. Six foot six, medium build. Friendly, can tend to keep his feelings bottled up inside, likes parks and museums especially art museums.

Rich Silva – Black bear, 28yr old police officer. Six foot five, medium build although a bit husky. Friendly but more shy. Likes being outside, but does that a lot for his job, so stays in to read when he can.

Expect updates to this section as development progresses.

Currently looking for an artist to collaborate and revenue share with. Knowing that this is an adult M/M nsfw(18+) visual novel with anthropomorphic characters except the player/main character with graphic images of a sexual nature. Contact me at info@moonwolfgames.com
More info in Artist Proposal.pdf

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